Copy/Paste in xterm auf dem Mac OS X

Wenn das Kopieren und Einfügen in ein xterm-Fenster unter MAC OS X nicht funktioniert, sollte man die auf dieser Seite angegebenen Methoden ausprobieren. Die erste Methode führte hier nur eingeschränkt zur Behebung des Problems. Wenn man die X11-Einstellungen ändert, dann wurde immer der vorherige Zustand hinsichtlich der Clipboard-Einstellungen wiederhergestellt.

Daher habe ich Methode 2 verwendet. Das funktioniert, Hier die Beschreibung im Original:

Method 2:

  1. Start X11 (e.g., by typing "xterm" in an Apple Terminal window - remember, under Leopard, you should avoid starting X11 directly yourself, since it is started “on demand” by the OS).
  2. Select Preferences under the X11 menu.
    • If you have five tabs (Input, Output, Pasteboard, Windows, Security), then you are already set - go to the Pasteboard tab and click all of the boxes on. (As noted in Step 7 of Method 1, some experimentation regarding which of these boxes actually need to be clicked to obtain the desired copy/paste functionality may be required if you find that having all of them on interferes with the operation of a particular software title.)
      Update added on 07 Oct 2009: After using X11 for a while now with the new preferences panels, I have found that deselecting the final option on the Pasteboard tab, “Update Pasteboard immediately...”, produces more reliable copy/paste results between OS X application windows and, for example, an X11 gvim window. I have updated the screen grabs shown below to reflect this.
    • If you only have three tabs (Input, Output, Security), then quit X11 and continue to the next step...
  3. Install the X11 localization preferences for XQuartz, which I have made available here:
    Even if you are running the Apple standard X11 (which, as of OS X 10.5.8, is based on XQuartz 2.1.6), this will activate two new panels in your X11 preferences.
    Note that I do not know of any way to UNDO this (short of reinstalling OS X), so use at your own risk!
  4. Start over from Step 1 of Method 2...